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Types of Drywall

There are many different types of drywall and construction materials available to help build a drywall. The different types of materials include a variety of drywall brands and types, fastening materials, plaster, and drywall tape. Each of these materials play a specific part in building a wall of drywall. For example, the different types of wallboard have different purposes and are used for specific purposes. In certain situations, you need to obtain a specific type of wallboard required by local authorities.

The typical drywall board is not made for rooms that might get water. If you anticipate building a room that might be susceptible to water then you should install a specific type of drywall called Greenboard. Greenboard is resistent to water and is most commonly used around areas that might get wet such as near a sink or toilet. On the other hand, if you know for certain that the area will get wet then you should use cement board. Using cement board in a shower is a great idea since this type of drywall is made to support wet areas.

Once you figure out which type of drywall board is most appropriate for your project you will then need to purchase drywall nails or screws, drywall tape and fasteners, and most importantly joint compound, which is the glue type mix that fills gap together and holds the drywall board pieces together.

Installing drywall is a tough job and needs to be done correctly in order to ensure that your walls remain in tact and do not incur any damage from an improper install. Be sure to get in touch with a drywall contractor if you are thinking about building out or repairing any of the walls in your home.

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