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What is Drywall?

Walls in homes use to be made with a mix of wood latches, plaster, and mud. Thankfully, technology has helped us build a much tougher and easier to manage product called drywall. Most drywall is made mostly of gypsum, a naturally occurring mineral, with the addition of other elements to create the finished product. Drywall is typically sold in 4x6' sheets and are plastered and taped together and screwed into the homes studs. There are a variety of different types and brands of drywall and the biggest difference between them are the ability to handle water. There is a different type of drywall for each occasion including 1) areas where the drywall will not get wet (ex. bedroom); 2) areas where the drywall might get wet (ex. backsplash); 3) areas where the drywall will get wet (ex. shower).

Installing drywall is a technical process and needs to be performed properly to avoid sagging and warped walls. Always consult a drywall contractor to get advice on how to install drywall as well as the cost for professional installation.

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