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Types of Drywall
There are many different types of drywall and construction materials available to help build a drywall. The different types of materials include a variety of drywall brands and types, fastening materials, plaster, and drywall tape. Each of these materials play...
Full story • March 05, 2019

What is Drywall?
Walls in homes use to be made with a mix of wood latches, plaster, and mud. Thankfully, technology has helped us build a much tougher and easier to manage product called drywall. Most drywall is made mostly of gypsum, a...
Full story • February 19, 2019

Common Drywall Repairs
Many homeowners will eventually run into issues with their walls and the majority of the time the drywall needs to be repaired. Repairing drywall is something that could be done by yourself or by a contractor for the bigger repair...
Full story • January 11, 2019

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